TKD Wellness

“You Already Have The Answers to Unlock Your Potential.”

What sets Taekwondo Wellness apart from your typical martial arts school is that we incorporate three distinct services into our classes that are aimed at helping youth, adults and their families unlock their potentials by improving their mental health as well as enhance their family and peer dynamics.

  • Psycho-education that teaches coping, life and social skills aimed at improving wellbeing.
  • Parent coaching that supports families by improving their communication and interactions.
  • Mindfulness meditation is practiced each session to take advantage of its many benefits.

In addition our classes:

  • Are smaller in size (10-15 students max).
  • Do not teach weapons.
  • Sparring begins at green belt level once students have demonstrated self control.
  • Class curriculum are designed and taught by Dr. Torres, Clinical Psychologist.
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