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High School Taekwondo

TKD Wellness is proud to be a supporter and member of High School Taekwondo, who is working alongside USA Taekwondo and US Collegiate Taekwondo for the advancement of Taekwondo in the United States by bringing high school Taekwondo to every state.

By bringing Taekwondo to local Tucson high schools, student athletes will be able to train with their friends and compete with rival schools as well as experience the many benefits of being part of a high school sports team such as social recognition, high school spirit, advanced physical conditioning, high school student athlete scholarships and opportunities to compete in collegiate Taekwondo at the college level just like other sports and even earn college scholarships.

Master Torres is currently in the process of developing high school clubs in the Tucson area. If you are a high school student athlete, parent, or high school administrator and you are interested in bringing Taekwondo to your high school, please contact Master Torres at 520-419-7837 to schedule a meeting to further discuss.

Start TKD At Your High School

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Competition & Demo Team

USA Taekwondo

Take your training to the next level by starting or joining the Taekwondo team at your high school and compete against other local, state or national high schools.

  1. Train with your friends.
  2. Get your varsity letter.
  3. Win for your high school.

Competition team members get extra training focused on deliberate practice of key skills to enhance their competitive edge. Learn goal setting, mental skills and get ready to compete at your best. Team members will also train towards annual state, national tournaments and perhaps even international Taekwondo competitions.

Types of Competition



Board Breaking

Affiliations & Memberships


Kukkiwon is the World Taekwondo Headquarters for instructor education and dan certification. Kukkiwon sets black belt promotion test regulations and dan certificates are recognized internationally & required for Olympic competition.

World Taekwondo

World Taekwondo (WT) is the international federation governing body for the sport of Taekwondo and it reports that a total of 188 member nations are part of this federation. WT oversees the rules of the sport, which include sparring, poomsae, and board breaking.

USA Taekwondo

USA Taekwondo is the national governing body of Taekwondo for the United States Olympic Committee and thus an official member of World Taekwondo. Taekwondo Wellness is a local member of USA Taekwondo that is committed to promoting healthy, active, and joyful lives among youth, adults, and families through training in traditional Taekwondo.

US High School Taekwondo is a not-for-profit organization with the mission of bringing Taekwondo to high schools across the United States. This would allow high school Taekwondo athletes to continue to practice the sport they love with the peers and earn their varsity letters just like any other sport.

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