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Get unlimted access to our weekly in-person and Zoom classes & online home-study tutorial videos that you can follow-along at your own pace.

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Our online classes are conducted through Zoom on Mondays thru Thursdays and Saturdays. Instructions on how to join our classes and links to home study tutorials will be sent out upon registration.

Contact us at mastertorres@tkdwellness.com for more information!

Why TKD Wellness?


Kids have fun while they learn Taekwondo, values and coping skills to better manage their mood & stress.


Kids exercise, meditate and learn coping skills for the many health benefits.


Kids learn physical and psychological self defense.


Kids achieve their goals confidently while making friendships and belonging to a community.


Kids practice growth mindset with a focus on continuous improvement.


Kids become apart of a worldwide community of Taekwondo athletes.

Our Promise

affordable rates Taekwondo Wellness Tucson

Competitive Rates

Our monthly membership rate makes it affordable to learn Taekwondo.

Family focused Taekwondo Wellness Tucson

Family Discounts

We give deep family discounts so the whole family can train together.

No contracts Taekwondo Wellness Tucson

No Contracts

Our students train with us because of quality instruction not contracts.


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Frequently Asked Questions

This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions and misconceptions about martial arts. In short, martial arts can actually reduce aggression. However, research has shown that training in a martial arts school that solely focuses on competition does increase aggression while training in a martial arts school that incorporates philosophy, forms, sparring, meditation in addition to competition actually lower aggression. TKD Wellness does participate in competition/sport Taekwondo but our curriculum includes many of those key components.

Virtual classes are conducted using Zoom, which will require a computer and internet connection. Faster internet connections are recommended with speeds (15-75 mbps at minimum) that support streaming video are best. If there are others at home using the internet at the same time as TKD class, then internet speeds over 100-175 mbps is recommended. Please see Zoom support for system specific requirements.

Setup Recommendation: It’s recommended that students are about 6 feet away from computer/device so that their whole body is visible on the screen. This helps with providing feedback on technique. It is also recommended that students have about a 6x6ft radius around them to train in place that is obstruction free.

No, new students are not required to have previous martial arts experience.

Children classes at TKD Wellness start at age 7 and up.

No, we don’t do contracts because we also value flexibility and we are confident that our students will want to be apart of our community. We offer month to month memberships as well as discounted memberships for multi-month memberships paid in advance.

TKD Wellness membership fees are affordable compared to other programs that can cost over $150/month. We also want to encourage families to train together and give large discounts as a result.

Our prices are:

$125 Monthly Membership

$85 Monthly Addition Family Member

$230 Monthly Family (3 or More Members) Membership

TKD Wellness membership fees include unlimited in-person and virtual classes. In addition, membership also grants students access to our YouTube tutorial library, video reviews and gear/event discounts.

TKD Wellness strives to be transparent with students about fees. Like many sports there are equipment, association and tournament costs and fees.


  • monthly membership tuition
  • quarterly promotion test material fees

Optional Fees:

  • sparring gear set
  • tournament registration fees
  • USA Taekwondo Membership fee
  • extra uniforms

No, students are not required to compete in tournaments.

Beginning students (white, yellow & orange belt) are not expected nor required to spar. Intermediate (green to purple belt) and advanced students (Brown and higher) are expected to participate in in-class sparring drills but are not required to participate in free-sparring nor sparring competitions.  

Yes. TKD Wellness was initially developed by Dr. Torres, clinical psychologist, as a therapy group for children, teens and adults with mental health diagnoses such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, anger and Autism. Students are encouraged to go at their own pace and training drills can be modified as needed. Thus all students with and without special needs are welcomed. 

Focused Curriculum

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