TKD Wellness

Our adult Taekwondo Wellness classes are one hour long sessions for adults ages 18 and older. The goal is to improve self confidence through rigorous yet fun training that helps manage stress. Adult TKD classes balance physical and mental fitness while continuing to educate students in the art and principles of Taekwondo: indomitable spirit, courtesy, perseverance, integrity, and self control. Taekwondo Wellness adult classes promote a love for lifetime martial arts while enhancing coping skills and mental skills. These mental skills will help adults at home, work, and in sport by adopting a growth mindset that instills perseverance in the face of life’s challenges. Taekwondo Wellness teen classes are an alternative exercise and wellness class that welcomes children with or without mental health diagnosis.

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Taekwondo Wellness group classes also differ from typical martial arts schools in that the master instructor a clinical psychologist and our class curriculum are not only focused on teaching Taekwondo but ways better manage stress, anxiety, depression, and anger and improve social and coping skills. Our classes also includes mindfulness meditation at the beginning and end of every class as a way to teach focus, relaxation while increasing awareness and decreasing distractibility.

Group classes continually focus on teaching healthy coping skills and habits and encourage family and parents to observe sessions, as there is much to be learned even as an observer.

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