TKD Wellness

Black Belt Meaning
Black belt represents mastery and maturity. No color added to this color can change or improve it. This completes a cycle that is now begun again as new knowledge and skills continue in a new cycle.

New Poomsae: Koryo

Promotion Test Requirements

Essay: Student must write 10 page essay about how they will continue to self growth, share what they have learned, and lead by example.


  • Name and meaning of all previous poomsae, Koryo and all previous terminology

Teaching: Student must have 20 teaching hours.

Education: Middle and high school students must have passing school grades (no exceptions).

Must execute and demonstrate understanding of the following techniques:

  • Stances:
    • All previous stance
  • Hand Techniques:
    • All previous hand techniques
  • Foot Techniques:
    • All previous foot techniques
  • Poomsae:
    • All previous poomsae, Koryo
  • Self Defense & One Step:
    • 10 Self One Step Sparring Techniques
    • 10 Self Defense Techniques
  • Board Breaks:
    • Instructor’s choice
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