TKD Wellness

Brown Belt Meaning
Brown belt represents the earth in which the roots are developing to nourish the plant. The roots of Taegeuk have formed and the growth of knowledge and skills continues.

New Poomsae: Taegeuk 6 (Taegeuk Yuk Jang). 23 Movements.

Promotion Test Requirements

Essay: Student must write 500 word essay about what they have learned about themselves through Taekwondo training.


  • Name and meaning of poomsae: Taegeuk 6 (Taegeuk Yook Jang)

Education: Students must provide a recent copy of their school report card with grades C or higher. Students with grades D or F in their report card will be allowed to take promotion test but will not receive new belt/rank until grades have improved to at least a C.

Must execute and demonstrate understanding of the following techniques:

  • Hand Techniques:
    • Downward knife hand strike
  • Foot Techniques:
    • Axe kick
    • Spinning hook kick
  • Poomsae:
    • Taegeuk 6 (Taegeuk Yook Jang)
    • Two previous forms of instructor’s choice.
  • Self Defense & One Step:
    • 2 Self One Step Sparring Techniques
    • 2 Self Defense Techniques
  • Board Breaks:
    • Downward knife hand strike
    • Axe kick
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