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Orange Belt Meaning
Orange belt also represents the warmth of the winter’s sun that melts the winter’s snow and allows the seed to germinate. This is the birth of conscious and purposeful action.

New Poomsae: Taegeuk 2 (Taegeuk Ee Jang). 18 Movements.

Promotion Test Requirements


  • Name and meaning of poomsae: Taegeuk 2 (Taegeuk I Jang)
  • Name of head instructor – Kwan jang nim
  • Name of the arm: Pal
  • Name of the foot: Bal
  • Thank you: Kam saham nida
  • Middle (horse) stance: Joo Choom Seo Gi
  • Student must be able to name and define 2 of 5 Tae Kwon Do tenets.
  • Numbers 1-30:
    • 21.SeuMool Hana
    • 22.SeuMool Tul
    • 23.SeuMool Set
    • 24.SeuMool Net
    • 25.SeuMool Tasot
    • 26.SeuMool Yosot
    • 27.SeuMool Ilgob
    • 28.SeuMool Yudol
    • 29.SeuMool Ahop
    • 30.Soreun

Education: Students must provide a recent copy of their school report card with grades C or higher. Students with grades D or F in their report card will be allowed to take promotion test but will not receive new belt/rank until grades have improved to at least a C.

Must execute and demonstrate understanding of the following techniques:

  • Stances:
    • Middle (horse) stance (Joo Choom Seo Gi)
  • Hand Techniques:
    • Elbow strike
  • Foot Techniques:
    • Step side kick
    • Outside crescent kick
  • Poomsae:
    • Taegeuk 2 (Taegeuk I Jang)
  • Self Defense & One Step:
    • 2 Self One Step Sparring Techniques
    • 2 Self Defense Techniques
  • Board Breaks:
    • Elbow strike
    • Step side kick
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