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Purple Belt Meaning
Purple belt also represents the color of youth, ambition, and rapid growth. The seedling is now reaching for the blue sky.

New Poomsae: Taegeuk 5 (Taegeuk Oh Jang). 20 Movements.

Promotion Test Requirements


  • Name and meaning of poomsae: Taegeuk 6 (Taegeuk Oh Jang)
  • Student must be able to name and define 5 of 5 Taekwondo tenets.

Education: Students must provide a recent copy of their school report card with grades C or higher. Students with grades D or F in their report card will be allowed to take promotion test but will not receive new belt/rank until grades have improved to at least a C.

Must execute and demonstrate understanding of the following techniques:

  • Hand Techniques:
    • Ridge hand strike
  • Foot Techniques:
    • Flying side kick
    • Double round kick
    • Hook kick
  • Poomsae:
    • Taegeuk 5 (Taegeuk Oh Jang)
    • One previous poomsae of instructor’s choice.
  • Self Defense & One Step:
    • 2 Self One Step Sparring Techniques
    • 2 Self Defense Techniques
  • Board Breaks:
    • Ridge hand strike
    • Flying side kick
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