TKD Wellness

White Belt Meaning
White belt represents purity and the beginning of knowledge and the development of basic skills. Man is as a seed hidden beneath the winter’s snow.

Required Poomsae: Taeguek Cho Dan

Promotion Test Requirements

Basic Terminology:

  • Name and meaning of poomsae: Taeguek Cho Don
  • Attention:Charyut
  • Bow: Kyung Neh
  • Ready: Joon Bi
  • Yell: Ki Hop
  • School: Do Jang
  • Uniform: Do Buk
  • Belt: Ti
  • Numbers 1-10:
    • 1.Hana
    • 2.Tul
    • 3.Set
    • 4.Net
    • 5.Tasot
    • 6.Yosot
    • 7.Ilgob
    • 8.Yudol
    • 9.Ahop
    • 10.Yeol

Education: Youth Students must provide a recent copy of their school report card with grades C or higher. Students with grades D or F in their report card will be allowed to take promotion test but will not receive new belt/rank until grades have improved to at least a C.

Must execute and demonstrate understanding of the following techniques:

  • Stances
    • Walking stance (Ahp Seo Gi)
    • Fighting stance
  • Hand Techniques
    • Straight punch (Ji Reu Gi)
    • Low block (Ah Rae Mahk Ki)
    • Outside block (Mohm Tohng Bah Kaht Mahk Ki)
    • High block (Eol Gool Mahk Ki)
  • Foot Techniques
    • Front Kick
  • Self Defense & One Step
    • 3 Self One Step Sparring Techniques
  • Board Breaks
    • Straight punch
    • Front Kick
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