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Our Parents Night Out Are  Taekwondo Infused

Every child will have a blast while parents take the night off and go on a date or just take the night off. The night starts out with a Taekwondo lesson, followed by pizza and a movie. Games and actives follow after a discussion about the main lessons learned from the movie. The night wines down with a calming meditation to get kids ready to go to sleep after being picked up.


Kids have fun with a focus on fitness

TKD Wellness parents night out is much more than the typical pizza and a movie. We have themed events throughout the year and our fun events are all fitness  focused with not only a Taekwondo lesson but also fitness activities and games that will help kids build their social skills as well as they motor abilities. Our parents night out also finish with a mindfulness meditation practice to help calm your kid’s brains and relax their bodies for a good night’s sleep.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the general structure:

5:30-6 — Drop Off
6-6:10 — Rules and introduction 
6:10-6:50 — TKD Class 
6:50-7 — Water/ bathroom break/Pizza setup
7-8:30 — Movie 
8:30-8:40 — Bathroom break
8:40- 9:20 —Group Games/Activities
9:20-9:30 — Take-always Discussion/Meditation
9:30 — Pick up

*All TKD activities and Group Games we will try to social distant as much as possible and have limited contact between participating children.

Three and a half hours of fun and excitement!

$20 for the first child & $10 for each additional child.

No, kids do not wear a TKD uniform for a parents night out. Kids are encouraged to wear comfortable clothes and even costumes for special themed nights!


A Fun Movie Night for Your Kids!

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