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Taekwondo Wellness belt system is represented by the different colored belts practitioners wear. The Taekwondo belt colors may vary by school but generally starts with a white belt that represents a beginner student and typically, moves through various colored belts all the way up to black belt.

The concept of the Taekwondo belt system stems from the idea that the color white represents purity or birth while the color black represents maturity and mastery. As students progresses through the Taekwondo, the belts get darker until obtaining a black belt that represents maturity and a collection of all the knowledge gained throughout the student’s journey.

However, learning or mastery does not end with a black belt; on the contrary, the black belt is when a student further refines techniques, gains a deeper understanding of Taekwondo philosophy, shares the knowledge obtained through years of training with others by teaching and strives to reach for higher mental, physical, and spiritual development.

Rank promotion occurs every three months at TKD Wellness by invitation only and when coaches determine the student to be prepared to promote to the next rank. Training pedagogy at TKD Wellness incorporates periodization training blocks that include a rotating curriculum so that students focus on developing one curriculum skill (e.g., basics, poomsae, application) per month and then switch to a new skill each month. Students test for a belt stripe at end of each month and once they have earned their third belt stripe, they are invited to next upcoming promotion test.

At TKD Wellness we train students to grow social-emotionally, psychologically and physically. We train for fun, for health and for sport. We expect our black belts to be of good morale character and contribute positively to their schools, workplaces and community. TKD Wellness focuses on developing positive self image and mental/coping skills to lead successful, happy lives.

Read about other aspects of our curriculum such as Taekwondo psychology: Taekwondo Wellness Student Handbook

The Belt System Used at Taekwondo Wellness

Click on the color belts for more information about each belt such as promotion test requirements.

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