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TKD Wellness Competition Team WOT 2022

I want to congratulate our athletes for their display of Taekwondo spirit despite of some difficult matches and for representing TKD Wellness positively at WOT Championships 2022 on March 5th and for supporting their teammates during/after every match. “This is the way.”

Also… major kudos to our amazing coaches Chris and Dion for not only training up our athletes but for their leadership and dedication to our athletes’ wellbeing.

Athletes medals:

Fletcher – Gold (Olympic Sparring)
Valeria – Gold (Olympic Sparring) & Silver (Olympic Sparring)
Angela – Gold (Olympic Sparring)
Coach Dion – Gold (Olympic Sparring)
Coach Chris – Gold (Olympic Sparring)
Jesus – Silver (Olympic Sparring)
Jesse – Gold (2020 Sparring), Gold (Olympic Sparring), Gold (Poomsae)
Colin – Bronze (Olympic Sparring)
Kawsa – Bronze (Poomsae)
Megan – Gold (2020 Sparring), Silver (Olympic Sparring)

Next up is Grand Prix West on May 6-8 in Reno, NV… it’s the qualifier for 2022 USAT Nationals!

Check out sparring highlights video

Check out poomsae highlights video