• Confidence. Growth. Resilience.
    Confidence. Growth. Resilience.
    Learn ways to better manage stress, anxiety, depression and anger in addition to self defense.
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  • Cultivate Inner Peace & Joy
    Cultivate Inner Peace & Joy
    Experience your mind-body connection. Achieving a healthy balance in life with physical fitness and relaxation through meditation.
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  • Sport Taekwondo
    Sport Taekwondo
    Taekwondo Wellness is a proud member school of USA Taekwondo, official US Olympic Committee. The journey to the Olympics starts with a single step – join today.
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Confidence. Growth. Resilience.Cultivate Inner Peace & JoySport Taekwondo

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Competition & Demo Team

Take your training to the next level by joining the Competition & Demo Team. Team members get extra training focused on deliberate practice of key skills to enhance their competitive edge. Learn goal setting, mental skills and get ready to […]

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All Ages Class 7+

Our All Ages Taekwondo Wellness classes are one hour long for youth ages 7 and up. Taekwondo Wellness classes are an alternative exercise and wellness class that welcomes youth with or without mental health diagnosis. Taekwondo Wellness group classes also differ […]

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TKD Therapy

Taekwondo Wellness private sessions that include exercise and psychotherapy aimed at helping those with psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, anger, self esteem, shyness, and others. Taekwondo Wellness therapy sessions are conducted by a clinical psychologist and master instructor, Dr. Yoendry Torres. […]

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Therapeutic Difference

What sets Taekwondo Wellness apart from your typical Taekwondo school? We incorporate three distinct services into our classes that are aimed at helping youth, adults and their families improve their mental health and family and peer dynamics.
  • The first key component is psycho-education, which is teaching psychological hygiene, coping skills, social skills and other psychological concepts aimed at improving wellbeing.
  • The second key component is parent coaching which offers modeling and guidance to support families, improving their communication and interactions with their kids and others.
  • Mindfulness meditation is the third key component, which is incorporated into each session to take advantage of its many benefits such as improved attention span, pain relief, improved self esteem, and decrease in anxiety and depression to name a few.

In addition our classes:

  • Are smaller in size (15-20 students max).
  • Do not teach weapons.
  • Teach sparring beginning at green belt level once student has demonstrated self control.
  • All classes are taught by Dr. Torres, Clinical Psychologist and Co-Founder of Intuition Wellness Center.


Learn sport Taekwondo with a focus on mind-body connection, achieving a healthy balance in life, physical fitness, and relaxation through meditation. Improve your mental, physical, social, and emotional wellbeing.
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Train Hard. Play Hard. Cultivate Balance.


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Training Hours

  • Monday6:10-7:10pm
  • Tuesday4:30-6pm
  • Thursday4:30-6pm
  • Saturday10-11am


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Yoendry Torres

Dr. Yoendry Torres, a licensed clinical psychologist and 4th dan black belt in Taekwondo and an USA Taekwondo Associate Coach. Taekwondo Wellness is a merging of two arts, martial arts and psychotherapy. Dr. Torres has been the head coach for Taekwondo Wellness […]


Free Trial Class. Offer Ends July 31

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