Hello Taekwondo Family!

Its been several years since I have competed in a Taekwondo tournament but I decided mid 2017 that I would start training for poomsae competitions sponsored by USA Taekwondo. Tournaments are great fun and a tremendous opportunity for overcoming anxiety, learning sportsmanship, and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

I’m excited to share that the Arizona State Taekwondo Association released the details for the 2018 Arizona State Taekwondo Championships.¬†See tournament details below:

Price For 1 division(s): $75.00
Price For 2 division(s): $95.00
Price For 3 division(s): $115.00
Price For 4 division(s): $135.00
Price For 5 division(s): $155.00
Price For 6 division(s): $175.00
Price For 7 division(s): $195.00
Price For 8 division(s): $215.00

Taekwondo Wellness students are welcomed and encouraged to attend the AZ Taekwondo Championships as either spectators or competitors in the poomsae and/or board breaking events. Students, please note that in order to compete in a USA Taekwondo sponsored tournament, competitors must pay an annual USA Taekwondo membership of $45 in addition to the event price. This is worth spending if you plan on competing in more than one tournament per year.

I will be competing in the Adult 31-40 Male Black 1st / Black 9th All (UNDER 40) Poomsae Division. Hope to see you there!

Train hard but have fun, Master Torres.

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