March 2018 Promotion Test

On March 31, 2018 Intuition Wellness Center’s Taekwondo Wellness program held it’s third promotion test in Tucson! Intuition Wellness Center congratulates: Gabriel A who promoted from yellow to green belt Blue B who promoted from orange to green belt Tanner M who promoted from white to orange belt Ben J who promoted fromwhite to yellow belt Elijah […]

2018 AZ State Taekwondo Championships

Hello Taekwondo Family! Its been several years since I have competed in a Taekwondo tournament but I decided mid 2017 that I would start training for poomsae competitions sponsored by USA Taekwondo. Tournaments are great fun and a tremendous opportunity for overcoming anxiety, learning sportsmanship, and creating memories that will last a lifetime. I’m excited […]

December Promotion Test

On December 16, 2017 Intuition Wellness Center’s Taekwondo Wellness program held it’s second promotion test in Tucson! Intuition Wellness Center congratulates: Gabriel Avenenti who promoted from white to yellow belt Blue Breuer who promoted from yellow to orange belt An extra special message from Master Torres: “Thank you for continuing to allow me to be […]

Lets Reduce Male Suicide Rates: Fathers Train Free During Movember

Movember is finally here… Men get your mustaches ready, set, grow! For those of you who haven’t heard about the “Mo” movement, I recommend you start by watching this TED talk by the founder of Movember. Back in June 2015, I wrote a blog post about Men, Fathers & Mental Health for Men’s Health month where I […]

3 Ways Courage Impacts Our Mental Health

When I was first learning how to execute a flying side kick over an obstacle, it took quite a bit of mental gymnastics to build up the courage that ultimately helped me overcome my fear. I have seen my students experience similar fears while training and that’s my cue to have a “mat chat” on […]

5 Tips for Perseverance

Have you ever felt like giving up? If the answer is yes, then you’re not alone. I won’t lie, when I train hard, my muscles ache and I sometimes think, “what’s the purpose.” Life would be so much simpler without these aches and pains wouldn’t it? Well, that’s debatable! I know that my life would […]

Integrity: 3 Reasons Accepting Our Failures Lead to Excellence

As a clinical psychologist, I find myself looking at the deeper meanings of what my students and clients say and do. For example, how often have we heard a child say “this is easy” while they can barely complete the training drill. This is typically a healthy, normal response in order to maintain our ego […]

Self Control: 3 Mental Abilities That Improve Performance & Wellbeing

When I enrolled in my first Taekwondo class, I remember instructors expressing a strong emphasis on self control. At that time, in my youth, I understood self control to be strictly about being able to control my body in such a way that it would display balance, power, speed, and accuracy. I have come to discover […]

4 Ways Courtesy May Improve Mental Health

In just about every martial arts class students line up at the beginning of class to salute the flags and their instructor. This tradition teaches students to honor their specific martial art heritage and respect their instructor. Courtesy is one of the tenets of Taekwondo and I would argue that it also teaches students the […]

Families That Train Together, Stay Together

I remember training in Chicago, Illinois and hearing my sa bum nim, Master Rodriguez, say “families that train together, stay together.” I am now reminded of that value as Intuition Wellness Center restructures Taekwondo Wellness classes with the vision of establishing a family oriented program that brings families closer together. As a result, we have decided to lower our […]